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Suresh is currently a Member of the Environmental Institute of Kenya (EIK) Council and is a NEMA registered Lead Expert.He is a Chemical Engineer and the MD and CEO of Elekea Limited. Suresh is a Certified Energy Manager (CEM).

Suresh serves among other appointments, as;

Member of National Climate Change Activities Coordination Committee.

Chairman – Chemical Sector - Kenya Association of Manufacturers.

Chairman- Environment Committee, Kenya Association of Manufacturers.

Governor – Kenya Private Sector Alliance, KEPSA, Chairman -Environment Sector Board , Water Board and Member- Energy Sector Board.

  • Member of National Carbon Trade, Finance and Investment Policy Steering Committee.
  • Member of Advisory Committee for Kenya National Cleaner Production Centre.
  • Member of National Environment Council (NEC) 2011 - 2013.

He is results-oriented with multi-industry experience biased towards environmental improvement covering strategic business planning, research, process management, marketing, public relations, training and diversifications. Wants to help build and grow on sustainable basis an organization, project or program by combining business, consulting and manufacturing experiences. Suresh enjoys the challenge presented by new situations, opportunities and problems arising out of the Climate Change regime and lives with great focus for environment friendly technology and product development.
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