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As our member, we support your professional development, helping you to expand and build your environmental professionalism here.

Our Organization Approach


Explore our groundbreaking research initiatives aimed at understanding environmental challenges and finding innovative solutions. Our team of experts conducts in-depth studies to drive evidence-based conservation efforts and inform policy decisions.


Engage in our educational programs designed to raise awareness and empower individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to safeguard our environment. From workshops to seminars, we offer diverse learning opportunities for students, professionals, and communities.


Join us in advocating for policies and practices that promote environmental conservation and sustainable development. Through strategic campaigns and partnerships, we amplify voices, influence decision-makers, and drive positive change for our planet.

Operational Committees

Finance and Administration

Preparation and presentation of quarterly financial statements. Presentation of audited financial statement to the council and membership. Develop and oversee the implementation of annual. Establishment of internal organogram and the functions. Oversee procurement processes. Oversee fundraising processes.

Legal, Ethics, and membership services

Regulate the conduct of the environmental experts. Co-ordinate organisation of EIK forums and workshops for Experts. Oversee the formation and operation of EIK branches. Develops all legal policies governing operation of EIK. Advises the Institute on all legal and policy matters regarding operation of the Institute.

Partnership, education, and communication

Monitor CPD points for membership annually. Undertake training needs assessment for Experts and propose suitable capacity building program. Coordinate capacity building programs for members. Review quality of training for potential EIK members specifically EIA/EA/SEA training.

Oversee the annual conferences. Identify educational institutions for EIK to Partner with. Participate in the review of education policy so as to streamline environmental training accordingly. Establish local and international affiliations relevant to the furtherance of its objectives.

Organize for EIK press releases/conferences as necessary to ensure enhanced EIK visibility. Ensure EIK website is regularly updated so as to be a vibrant and rich communications platform particularly with members.

EIK Trainings

At the Environmental Institute of Kenya (EIK), we offer monthly internal and external training programs covering topics such as biodiversity conservation, climate change, and policy advocacy.

These sessions provide opportunities for skill enhancement and knowledge sharing within our organization and the broader environmental community. Through tailored workshops and seminars, we empower individuals and organizations to drive positive change and contribute to sustainable development efforts.

Our Partners

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